We develop innovative sustainable
packaging solutions for the cosmetic market.

Zero In·Pack is an innovative startup forming a part of the Eurovetrocap group, active for more than 35 years in the cosmetic packaging industry.
Our mission consists of developing packaging with as little impact as possible on the environment. We are a team with a strong vocation towards environmental matters, which has chosen the principles of the circular economy to take care of every aspect of our activities, from the products on offer to our own supply chain. We are constantly evolving in order to limit the environmental impact of cosmetic products more and more.

Our values

At ZIP we are Green inside!
Sustainability is at our heart, a great value delivered to the market and the communities in which we operate.


We guarantee sustainable solutions based on the Life-Cycle Assessment model, able to quantify the degree of environmental pollution in relation to industrial production.


With the collaboration of experts, designers and environmental specialists, we have put together a company packaging which is 100% recyclable, realizing its sustainable properties in the preservation of the environment.


We strongly believe in continual innovation in order to face the continuous and ever-changing demands of the market and of our customers. For this reason our work begins from the planning phase, simultaneously taking into account the entire life cycle of the product, production, disposal and possible reuse.


Our promise of sustainability is based on verifiable and reliable data and studies. We are in a position to guarantee the authenticity of our packaging to our customers thanks to LCA analysis.


Our team

We want to create value not only for our customers, but also for consumers and for the communities in which we operate.
That is why we want to continue to produce, while at the same time reducing our environmental impact.

Eleonora Cattaneo

Sales Manager (France)

Giampaolo Herrmann

Project Development Coordinator

Costantino Cattaneo

Sales Manager (Italy & France)

Simon Silvano

Marketing Manager

Stefano Gulli

Technical office



Eurovetrocap has been developing, producing and putting on the market, for more than thirty-five years,
primary packaging for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and make-up industries.



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