18 Gp pump disp Elite capp Laura

This packaging reduces the environmental impact on climate change by 47,3%
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0,000186 kg

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CharacteristicsProduct ZipPercentage savedNon-green product
Climate change0,000186 kg CFC11 eq
47,3%0,000274 kg CFC11 eq
Ozone depletion0,000000000016 KG CFC11 eq
-12,6%0,000000000014 kg CFC11 eq
Ionising radiation, HH 0,000006 kBq U-235 eq-31,9%0,000004 kBq U-235 eq
Photochemical ozone formation, HH 0,0000005 kg NMVOC eq
69,0%0,0000009 kg NMVOC eq
Water scarcity 0,000081 m3 depriv.38,8%0,000112 m3 depriv.
Climate change - fossil 0,000183 kg CO2 eq49,1%0,000273 kg CO2 eq

*Data related to a comparison between products with a capacity of 100 ml